The product range of LCT-Textilligence is known for the smart logistic solutions for workwear and storage of personal belongings in your cloakroom. These solutions can be used in any organisation who uses workwear. The solutions are reliable and easy to use.

LCT-Textilligence does not make a standard solution but products made for the job and interfaced to the ease of use and the reliability the customer needs. The products offered by LCT-Textilligence can be separated in four different groups.

  1. Management and distribution of hanging garments

    The CHIPTEX-Liner; Garment dispenser which will make logistics (distribution and collection) of workwear manageable.

  2. Management and distribution of folded garments

    CHIPTEX-Multi; a brand new system which will use anti-collision (multi-read) chiplabels. Perfect for OR or smaller departments

    CHIPTEX-Sizer Poly; a system for packaged garments. 100% control and very easy-to-use. Perfect for OR or Food sector organisations.

    CHIPTEX-Sizer; a compact garment dispenser with maximum control and performance. Available for medium or Larger organisations

    Each of these systems is perfectly able to manage and control the logistics of other materials like:

    – Safety articles

    – Tools

    – Shoes

    – Expensive other materials of which dispensing needs to be controlled for the 100%

  3. Solution for storage of personal belongings of the staff

    CHIPTEX-Lockerbag; a space-saving storagesystem for garmentbags and/or lockerbags which are automatically stored. In the lockerbags the personal belongings and garments of your staff can be stored during worktime

  4. Additional products like RFID chiplabels and reading equipment, hangers etc.