24/7 availability- Distribution at set times over the counter

No hour-round staff required

Are you looking for flexible staff deployment throughout the day?

In case you use the traditional method of distributing workwear over the counter, you must be aware of the suboptimal ratio between staff presence and productivity.

The counter is occupied by staff throughout the day and on the weekend to provide employees with workwear. This drives up staff expenses significantly.

In fact, the employees at the counter cannot leave their post, causing an inefficient staff deployment. At times when no employees require workwear, the work at the counter runs out.

Unfortunate, because employees could use this time so much more efficiently.

Working efficiently

One way to reduce staff expenses is to use automated workwear distribution systems.  These systems are available 24/7 and are fully automated. The actual distribution of workwear can therefore be conducted without the need for personnel.

Also loading the systems is fully automated. Only loading the load rod requires physical personnel.  This only needs to be done several times a day.

In the meanwhile, you can deploy your staff elsewhere.

No weekend shifts

The laundry service does not usually supply clean workwear during the weekends. Loading the systems is therefore usually not necessary during the weekends. Since the LCT-Textilligence systems administer workwear fully automatically, physical staff presence is usually not, or only to a limited extent, necessary during the weekends.

Limited workwear storage due to inventory control

A large inventory is required, when workwear is administered over the counter. It is unclear exactly how many garments are needed, because this goes mostly unregistered. Additionally, garments ought to be supplied, sorted and stored by item and size, before being distributed to employees. This requires a lot of storage.

When using LCT-Textilligence systems, this type of ready-sorted supply is no longer necessary. This reduces expenses, because the laundry service no longer has to take the time to sort and store garments. Moreover, the system requires a smaller inventory, because it calculates exactly the amount of workwear necessary. You now have full inventory control, which means you need less garments. A lower garment use, which offers an opportunity to reduce workwear expenses.

For more information about the automated distribution of garments, please contact us. Our website also contains much more information about LCT-Textilligence systems.