A distribution and collection system for folded garments can also be placed in the hallway!

Garments can be issued by means of an advanced distribution and collection system in a space-efficient way and can be placed wherever you desire.

Issuing work garments has multiple purposes. On the one hand, a uniform presentation showcases professionalism and corporate identity. On the other hand, uniform garments often provide protection from external threats or impacts. Garments distribution is a costly affair for every organisation. Loss, theft and excess stock can significantly drive up the costs of this process.

Control over your garments flow

It is therefore important that the users receive their garments in a controlled manner. This is LCT’s speciality and we can offer advice on how to manage garments distribution in the best possible way. The laundry service ensures that the garments comply with the hygiene standards and makes sure they are perfectly ironed. Next, the garments need to be issued to the end user in a controlled manner. With a controlled distribution system of LCT you have control over your garments flow and the associated costs. An additional benefit is that the system also provides insight on the quality of the garments and the potential service provision surrounding it.

Location of a distribution system

Organisations with a lot of employees or with a high garments throughput often need a high storage capacity. To prevent loss and theft, the garments distribution often commences in a separate and lockable space. This is often deemed necessary. A conveyor for the distribution of garments is then placed in a lockable space for security purposes. Luckily LCT also has garments distribution systems suitable to be placed on a hallway or in the wardrobe.

Space-efficient distribution systems for folded garments

LCT makes various distribution systems for the controlled distribution and collection of folded garments. These systems are

In addition to all the other benefits such systems provide, it is also very space efficient. Since these systems can be placed on a hallway, there is no need for a separate storage room. With its paternoster, the Chiptex-Sizer can maximise space efficiency by optimising the vertical space available, thus saving surface area. The other systems are effective in storing garments on only a few square metres.

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