Barry Callebaut: Very satisfied with LCT-Textilligence

In 2018, LCT-Textilligence delivered and installed CHIPTEX U-Cab systems for folded garments at Barry Callebaut in Zundert, the Netherlands. The CHIPTEX U-Cab is a compact and modular system for the collection and distribution of garments. The system consists of locker-style cabinets and is equipped with UHF RFID technology.

Garments of a certain size are stored in a dedicated compartment in such a cabinet. After each issue, the U-Cab scans the corresponding compartment. This is how the system registers the number of items taken by the registered employee.

Ella Voogd is a facilities officer at Barry Callebaut. She has been working in this position for the Dutch branch of the world’s largest producer of high-quality chocolate and cocoa products since June 2021. She is now in charge of the CHIPTEX U-Cab system, which she thinks is a nice addition to her tasks. Recently, a new line of garments was added that can now be fully distributed via the LCT-Textiligence CHIPTEX U-Cab system. Barry Callebaut rents the garments and machines through Vendrig.

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