Prevent non-compliance with garment regulations


Garment regulations exist to ensure a professional appearance. However, some employees don’t always adhere to them. To address this, our garment vending machines have a built-in credit system. This prevents hoarding behaviour and ensures that garments are not stored in other places than the designated location. The benefits of adhering to garment regulations The credit…

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Save the date…!

Texcare 2024, the first large laundry exhibition in Europe since the Covid pandemic. We are attending to this exhibition to show the industry our latest developments on garment dispensers and UHF Laundry equipment. Our development team is working on the new products we want to show to the world. Smarter, quicker and more user friendly.…

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Textilligence bvba dissolved and Marvel has a new name

CHIPTEX-Liner kledinguitgifte systeem

Since November 1, 2019, LCT and Textilligence have been one company called… LCT-Textilligence. Active in many countries through agents or with their own subsidiaries. As of March 25, 2024, the subsidiary Textilligence bvba in Belgium has been dissolved. Nothing exciting, we just see it as cleaning up because this subsidiary is no longer needed. Everything…

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Guidelines for occupational garments regarding hygiene and infection prevention

Hygiënerichtlijnen en infectiepreventie voor beroepskleding

Within various industries, the guidelines for occupational garments regarding hygiene and infection prevention are becoming increasingly stringent. Ensuring a clean and safe working environment is essential. An efficient approach is to distribute garments on a FIFO basis. And garment distribution machines provide a convenient solution. Importance of hygiene guidelines for occupational garments Hygiene guidelines for…

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Monitoring garment usage within your organisation


Many companies store their garments on a random rack, somewhere in the building. Employees can pick up garments themselves or an employee hands them over. As a result, companies often don’t have a clear overview of all their garments, leading to situations where employees can’t always obtain the right garments. This can lead to unclear…

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Learn all about the imminent revolution in sustainable clothing management introduced by the Ecodesign Directive for Sustainable Products!


All garment buyers should be aware of this groundbreaking regulation, which sets sustainability requirements for textile products. Even a ban on the destruction of clothing is considered. The final voting still has to take place, but we can already say that this regulation will bring about a powerful shift in the garment industry. By implementing…

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How do I avoid chaos in the cloakroom and changing room?


You know how it goes. Workers often arrive at work at the same time and have to change clothes quickly to start their day’s work. This creates a peak moment and thus a potentially chaotic situation in the cloakrooms. Lockers do not close properly, helmets and jackets cannot be stored in a practical way and…

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Is your workwear management process giving you a Blue Monday?

Piles of clothes in the wrong sizes and shortages in the right sizes – don’t they just give you a headache? Sometimes it just doesn’t seem to end! In all seriousness, though, workwear management can be complex. Managing all the issues related to workwear can sometimes even be a fulltime job. But whatever your requirements…

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Sustainable Clothing Management Solutions without Greenwashing

In de wereld van vandaag is het belangrijker dan ooit om duurzame keuzes te maken. Maar met zoveel bedrijven die beweren groen te zijn, kan het moeilijk zijn om te weten wie je moet vertrouwen. LCT-Textilligence is een Nederlands bedrijf dat duurzame kledingoplossingen biedt zonder greenwashing. Wij geloven in eerlijke en transparante bedrijfspraktijken, en we…

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