Wardrobe solution that achieves 50% savings on floor space

Save floor space with a wardrobe. How is that even possible? According to the fire brigade, cabinets may not be installed too close together. Users also require freedom of movement. A difficult situation, indeed. Compared to a traditional wardrobe with cabinets, LCT’s wardrobe solution provides a 50% saving on floor space. Wardrobe concept On the…

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Utilising garments for in the professional environment: sufficient stock versus efficient garments management

dienstkleding kledingbeheer

At organisations that use garments for uniforms, it is important that there are always clean garments available for all employees. Hygiene, uniformity, protection or a combination of the three are often the reason for utilising garments in the professional environment. But how many garments are sufficient to facilitate everyone? Out of precaution of having insufficient…

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Limit the loss and destruction of workwear with RFID chip technology

beschermende bedrijfskleding RFID chip

The use of workwear is becoming increasingly common in various sectors, such as the care, hospitality and food sectors, among others. Often, it is the employer who buys or rents the garments and then makes them available to her employees. The employee is expected not only to wear the garments while at work, but also…

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Is your garments management process a complicated and unclear procedure or is it well-structured and organised?

Het kledingregistratiesysteem van LCT-Textilligence is de basis onder de volledig geautomatiseerde kledinguitgifte automaten

At many organisations, garments or uniforms are mandatory. Not just in the healthcare sector or industry, but also in many other branches. First, in most cases Personal Protective Equipment (PPE) is required. Furthermore, comfortability is an important aspect for users. Last, corporate identity is important and the fact that users enjoy wearing smart uniforms. All…

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LCT-Textilligence at the Clean Show in Atlanta

For LCT-Textilligence, The Clean Show is a great showroom to present our products and innovations. We are located in a combined stand with our Clover4 partners at booth number 4232 close to food court north.  Distribution and management of garments At LCT-Textilligence, the key words are insight and control when it comes to garments management, automated garments distribution and…

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A distribution and collection system for folded garments can also be placed in the hallway!

Garments can be issued by means of an advanced distribution and collection system in a space-efficient way and can be placed wherever you desire. Issuing work garments has multiple purposes. On the one hand, a uniform presentation showcases professionalism and corporate identity. On the other hand, uniform garments often provide protection from external threats or…

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A big 9 for LCT-Textilligence 

At Hotel Okura in Amsterdam, LCT-Textilligence delivered and installed a CHIPTEX-Liner in 2018. A CHIPTEX-Liner is a system for the issue of hanging garments. In the case of Hotel Okura Amsterdam, this system was partially filled with personal garments and partially with pool garments. For pool garments, the employees receive custom garments. For personal garments, employees have…

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Using cheaper square metres for garments

As with many facility processes, it is advisable to choose the location of the distribution and collection equipment wisely and strategically when it comes to garments. The stock of clean garments occupies the largest part of the required floor space. The collection depots require only one to three square metres. It is essential to choose…

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On the road in new garments from a new location!

LCT-Textilligence is active at home and abroad when it comes to the controlled distribution and collection of garments. At the end of last year, the head office relocated to a beautiful building at a representative location close to the motorway in Tiel.  Now that the organisation has a “new look”, we have also provided our…

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