Decentralised garments distribution is affordable, possible and saves space

The logistics issues of garments distribution at multiple locations

Issuing garments and collecting laundry requires good logistics. Especially when it happens at multiple places, spread out over the site or even at different locations. 

A good overview of the available stock at each location is often missing. In addition, precious space is needed at every location to store the garments stock.

Without a system, there is no insight in the demand for garments of users. Garments are often restocked based on the budget of the previous year or based on incidental complaints. In some cases, garments are rented at a laundry service, hoping they manage your workwear efficiently. This third party however cannot always pinpoint exactly which and when garments are distributed to users. LCT-Textilligence has developed various smart solutions to simplify and structure garments management.

There is no reason why controlled distribution and collection of workwear has to take up a lot of space. In fact, quite the opposite; it can save space. A suchlike system provides an insight in the workwear use of your organisation. 

Inventory control

The automated system, accurately registering any movement in the inflow or outflow of garments, provides a great overview of all garments in circulation, who uses the system and where shortages occur. This way, you can manage your workwear more efficiently and complaints about shortages are no longer a thing.

Each system independently indicates the current inventory and what needs to be restocked. Simultaneously, the system notifies you of garments that have been stored in the system for over 14 days. Perhaps the inventory can be reduced further.

Decentralised garments distribution

Scaleable solutions offer the possibility for decentralised distribution of garments. Instead of one large central distribution point, a distribution system can be placed on every floor. Or a system can be placed at every entrance and exit. 

The benefit of decentralised garments distribution is the increased user-friendliness. This is in turn beneficial for the representativeness and hygiene. It is also possible to administer specialised garments and/or PPEs in closer proximity to the work process. Your employees are then better protected in their work activities.

LCT is your partner in the distribution of garments. LCT provides a suitable distribution and collection system for every sector or situation. Food sector, hospitality, healthcare or industry:  we offer various solutions to improve efficiency with regard to costs, process and necessary space for every sector.

Garments distribution data for insight in hygiene 

Automating the garments process is often approached from a cost perspective or to save space. Yet, the benefits with regard to insight and hygiene might be even bigger. In short, the garments distribution system generates data that is valuable for inspection and internal compliance of the garments regulations:

  • It can be shown that every employee is issued clean garments
  • History of garments use
  • Manage the right use of garments

Benefits of the LCT systems

Automated garments distribution with LCT systems offers various benefits:

  • Hygiene*
  • Transparency: insight in garments use
  • Cost efficiency 
  • 24/7 availability
  • Space efficiency
  • RFID

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