A big 9 for LCT-Textilligence 

At Hotel Okura in Amsterdam, LCT-Textilligence delivered and installed a CHIPTEX-Liner in 2018. A CHIPTEX-Liner is a system for the issue of hanging garments. In the case of Hotel Okura Amsterdam, this system was partially filled with personal garments and partially with pool garments.

For pool garments, the employees receive custom garments. For personal garments, employees have real garments that only they wear, so they are linked to the wearer. Here, the system functions on UHF chip technology, which gives Hotel Okura two acceptance systems. This option was selected because the hotel uses two different laundry services / dry-cleaners. In one acceptance station, the wash is submitted for one laundry service and, in the other station, wash for the second service is collected. 


Jorine Heutink, head of housekeeping at Hotel Okura Amsterdam, says that she is more than satisfied with the service provided by LCT-Textillegence. On a scale of 1 to 10, Heutink doesn’t settle for an 8; no, she certainly wants to give a 9. Jorine feels that this has been more than earned.

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