Flexible garments distribution system or wardrobe system

LCT-Textilligence systems with conveyor technology can adjust to the available space The conveyor is an aluminium design containing small wheels. These wheels are attached to each other and create a continuous chain. The chain is fitted with particular storage positions.

The aluminium design can be fitted with 90 or 45-degree turns. This way, the conveyor can be easily adjusted to the available space. Square or rectangular spaces. A pillar in the middle of the space or even a difference in height. Our conveyor technology guarantees an efficient use of the available space. For instance, the conveyor can be easily built around a column or pillar.

Bends in conveyors

On default, the conveyor has an I shape. Our conveyors can be delivered in several shapes. Think of:

  • An L shape
  • A U shape
  • An F shape
  • An E shape

Combinations are also common. For instance, an UL shape. A compact U-shaped system that has an extra “finger” attached to it in the shape of an L. With 45-degree turns, even more creative solutions are possible.

Conveyors solely in I shape.

On average, only one in 50 conveyors we design is in I shape. All other conveyors have at least one bend or turn. The bends and turns in the conveyors guarantee a compact system that allows for optimal space efficiency.

Falling garments

Many of our clients wonder whether bends in the conveyors can cause problems. With the technology that LCT-Textilligence deploys, this is in no way applicable to our conveyor systems. Thanks to this technology and the corresponding diameter of the conveyor, LCT-Textilligence is able to supply the most compact conveyor. Garments hang next to each other in perfect order, preventing the garments to fall off the hanger. The systems of our competitors are fundamentally different and less flexible than the LCT-Textilligence technology.

More information on surface efficiency

Please feel free to contact us. In addition to conveyor systems we also supply systems for the distribution of folded garments. This might save you even more surface area.

We are happy to draft a customised proposal for you. You will be surprised how little space is actually needed for a garments distribution system or wardrobe system when it is designed right.