Wardrobe solution that achieves 50% savings on floor space

Save floor space with a wardrobe. How is that even possible? According to the fire brigade, cabinets may not be installed too close together. Users also require freedom of movement. A difficult situation, indeed. Compared to a traditional wardrobe with cabinets, LCT’s wardrobe solution provides a 50% saving on floor space.

Wardrobe concept

On the one hand, the wardrobe concept consists of stored personal items and, on the other, of a changing room with or without the use of sanitary facilities. One distinct disadvantage of a traditional wardrobe system is that it is not clear who does or does not use the system. Most users only require somewhere to store their private garments in the wardrobe, such as a winter coat, a pair of shoes and may be a few cosmetics items and deodorant. These items are continuously stored in an individual locker.

Sanitary facilities

Depending on the sector, the sanitary facilities may hardly be utilised. However, the amount of sanitary facilities is often directly related to the number of square metres of floor space. Therefore, a 50% savings on floor space also saves on construction costs.

Lockerbag concept

The basis of this system is already to be found in the Limburg mines. In the past, miners were assigned a bag that a pulley lifted up to the ceiling. The cable was affixed to a pole with a padlock. After the shift, the employee undid the padlock to regain access to their possessions.

It goes without saying that the automated wardrobe system features a more contemporary design. Chiptex-Lockerbag systems are available in two different versions. In both options, however, the basic principle is the same. The employee logs into the system. The conveyor provides the clothing cover, which LCT refers to as the ‘Lockerbag’. The user changes his or her garments and replaces the Lockerbag in the system. The system stores the Lockerbag in a controlled and secure manner and provides it again upon request.

LCT has installed numerous Lockerbag systems for clients that achieve significant savings on overall floor space. What’s more, users can keep their own place within the organisation. A Lockerbag is usually carried out personally, so that everyone can keep their items separate. Swimming pool systems are impersonal solutions in which a user loses his or her locker after xx time, with the risk that something is left in it.

Floor space savings

The biggest gain in floor space comes from eliminating the walking space and the dressing room. In addition, floor space is saved by reducing the need for sanitary facilities. The wardrobe concept is divided. The storage takes place in grey, dark indoor rooms while the dressing room is brightened up with lighting, colourful floors and walls, modern furniture and maybe even a coffee machine. This also makes the solution more attractive to users. The system is perhaps slightly unconventional, but with a price that sometimes exceeds €1,000 per square metre, this approach achieves significant savings.

LCT has clients in wide-ranging market sectors. In Europe, our clients can be found in nearly every care sector. This includes large hospitals, but also clients in the care sector. In the US, the hospitality and casino world are frequent users of this system. The large casinos in Las Vegas have always indicated their preference for using square metres for installing slot machines over installing a staff wardrobe. One costs money, while the other yields it.

If you would like more information about our floor space-saving wardrobe system, please leave us a message so that we can contact you.