Garments available 24/7 for your employees

Controlled distribution of garments guarantees the continuous provision and a sufficient quantity of garments. The systems are accessible 24/7 and even indicate whether the garment stock is sufficient.

24/7 availability of garments

Automated garments distribution systems enable the opportunity to provide users with garments at any time of the day. The systems are fully automatic, which means they can be put into service 24/7. This way, you can satisfy the user’s wish to collect garments around the clock. Nowadays it is of everyday business to always have everything at their disposal. That also applies to clean garments during working hours.

When distribution is done over the counter, the availability instantly drops. Moreover, a counter has certain business hours and is only open at specific times during the day in which users are present. Nights and weekends often do not fall under these business hours, which means that users do not have the possibility to collect the clean garments they need. Distribution over the counter is therefore not only a lot less user friendly, but also undesirable from the perspective of hygiene.

Without the need for over-the-counter distribution, the desk employees have the chance to carry out other tasks. This enables a more efficient deployment of personnel and subsequently lower total labour costs.

Inventory control

Traditional garments distribution is done over the counter and provides little insight in the size of the garments stock. Garments are stored or hung in racks, sorted by size or in some cases not sorted at all. This way, there is no insight in whether the right garments are available for the users.

The LCT-Textilligence systems do not only provide a real-time overview of the stock, but also indicate shortages and even report which type of garments need to be restocked.  It therefore always provides users with the right garments and eliminates the risk of mistakes in garment type or size.

The benefits of automated garments distribution compared to desk distribution are:

  • 24/7 availability of garments
  • Real-time inventory control
  • Efficient deployment of personnel
  • Cost-efficiency gains in labour costs

LCT-Textilligence is the expert in automated garments distribution. LCT-Textilligence has a solution for any issue involving garments. Whether you have a large or small pool of users, we have a wide range of systems available to offer the right solution in any situation.

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