Automated garments distribution systems sound complicated, but are actually quite the opposite

Especially for the users. Collecting garments from our distribution systems is easy. It’s child’s play!

Sign in easily

When a user collects garments from one of our garments distribution systems, he or she signs in with their personal badge. The garments and size profile are registered on the personal badge.

User-friendly touchscreen

The user orders the desired garments through the user-friendly touchscreen. No complicated texts on the screen, only simple icons.

After signing in with the badge, images of the items that are available to the user appear. This way, the user is able to collect the right garments in no time.

Speed of delivery

After placing the order, the distribution system automatically collects the relevant garments from the stock. While the order is being processed, the next user can already sign in with his or her badge and place their order. The system automatically switches to the next user after distributing the garments to the current user.

Garments profile

The garments profile, the item combination that corresponds with the job position of the user and the right sizes are all registered in the personal badge. Registering this information beforehand saves time when collecting garments. It is not necessary for the user to select the right size in addition to choosing the right item when placing the order.

CHIPTEX software

The process of signing in and ordering is the same for all our products. The software on the CHIPTEX platform, developed by LCT, facilitates easy operation of all our products. In case you are using multiple LCT-Textilligence products in your organisation, the user becomes familiar with the smoothly-functioning and uniform interface.

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