Resolutions for the new year

Each New Year comes accompanied by good intentions, both on personal and corporate level. No doubt you recognize this!

Very likely you are to determine which business goals you want to achieve this year, which will be a challenging one for sure.  And one of the challenges will be: how can I optimize the issue, collection and management of workwearand improve my business performance even more?

Innovative workwear management solutions

So are we at LCT-Textilligence. And we think we can help you achieving your goals. Our mission: “To provide the best innovative solutions for cost efficient management of garments, using state of the art RFID technology”, leaves no doubt about that. With over 35 years of experience in the garment dispensing industry, we have the knowledge needed to understand your requirements. 

Correct information is indispensable to efficient and responsible garment management. Much can be improved in the area of workwear management; you can save your organisation a lot of inconvenience and costs by implementing a modern garment dispensing system. That system is the LCT-Textilligence CHIPTEX-Liner.  This well-conceived garment distribution system makes it possible to optimize the issue, collection and management of workwear.

Always a tailor-made solution

The way in which this happens can be totally customised to your preference and possibilities. However your CHIPTEX-Liner is configured, the system ensures that your employees always have easy access to the right workwear, 24 hours a day, 7 days a week. The CHIPTEX-Liner has enabled LCT-Textilligence to boost its reputation in recent years with many organisations in various sectors across Europe.

The CHIPTEX-Liner also ensures that at any and every moment, you have insight into the location of every garment and the number of garments of which the employee is currently in possession. And, very important, you will be able to ensure yourself of a timely chance of garments, very important in f.e. the health care and food industry. Shortages that have arisen unintentionally, daily use, current load; the system makes the entire process transparent and manageable and can be connected to the information system of a laundry service, for example, or your HR department.

Striving for long-term joint success

LCT-Textilligence believes in strong long term partnerships, we consider customer service a very important component of the way to success. In our view UHF technology projects not only consist of the components, but to make everything work together perfectly. Our objective is to provide refined information; enabling you to proactively manage your garments with a very high return on investment.

On your request, our engineers can advise and assist you in composing the solution that fits your requirements and budget best. We are constantly looking for innovative solutions to manage garment issue and stock levels in a cost effective way and to control the logistic flows.

Interested to know more? Would you like to make an appointment with one of our specialists? Please do not hesitate  to contact us at or just give us a c all.  

Looking forward to meeting you!