Am I achieving my KPIs? Quality level becomes visible!

Measuring is knowing is a saying. This applies to many things. For the doctor who has to make a decision for the treatment of a patient or the production manager who has to determine staff deployment in a production process. Decisions should preferably be taken on the basis of clear and objective information. In many cases, a management report with data on the processes is the basis for policy, but also for the justification of policy. 

Garments by name

Decisions based on a feeling too often result in impulse purchases or damage limitation. Garment distribution has been a process for years where decisions are made based on the complaints of users. For lack of better, this can be used as steering information for the purchase or hire of additional garments. For this reason, garments by name are often chosen. This makes the process somewhat transparent and measurable.

Transparent process

By means of an automated distribution and collection system, the process of distributing garments becomes measurable and plannable. The system provides a great deal of transparent information. Think of:

  • Missing out on a particular item/size
  • Age analysis of the package  
  • Dormant stocks in the process
  • Peak and off-peak times in the logistics process. 
  • Misuse, loss and destruction

A user with a complaint is no reason to hold your textile cleaner responsible or to declare him to be in default. Certainly not if it turns out that their own organisation does not offer the dirty laundry in time. Without an automated system, the whole thing is difficult to measure. It then remains with just snapshots and feeling issues. 

Agreements and KPIs

An automated system makes the process transparent and measurable. Garments that are loaded are registered in detail. When they are distributed, it is checked to whom it is given and whether that user does not already own too much. When returned, it is also registered when it was offered. Many textile cleaners then also register the garments in the process, making the whole cycle of use complete and transparent. The use of size-appropriate garments makes the process easier and also more measurable.

An automated distribution system makes it possible to make decisions based on quality indicators. A great method to match supply and demand, to have the age and quality of the package in order and to gain insight into other logistical bottlenecks. Many of our customers also use the system to record the KPI agreements with their textile cleaner. Clear, objective and measurable.

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