How do I avoid chaos in the cloakroom and changing room

You know how it goes. Workers often arrive at work at the same time and have to change clothes quickly to start their day’s work. This creates a peak moment and thus a potentially chaotic situation in the cloakrooms. Lockers do not close properly, helmets and jackets cannot be stored in a practical way and all sorts of things end up on the floor. This is not hygienic or structured and personal items may be lost. Moreover, these changing rooms take up a lot of space. Space that can be used more efficiently and which, moreover, represents a considerable cost.

Structuring and cost efficiency

LCT-Textilligence has the solution. The Chiptex-Locker bag cloakroom system is a space-saving and functional solution for this. As with a conventional locker system, each user is given a personal storage space – in this case a cover rather than a locker – in which personal clothing and belongings can be stored. 

This cover hangs in a closed conveyor system in the adjacent room (adjacent to the changing room) that the user can retrieve with his personal badge. The system is fully automated. The user requests the cover when he wants to change clothes. In the changing room, the employee changes his clothes, hangs his personal belongings in the cover and then the cover is hung back in the conveyor. Personal belongings are thus not accessible to anyone else and no items are left lying around in the changing room. The changing room remains tidy at all times.

The personal cover has several compartments, for hanging up clothes for example, but also for storing a towel, toiletries and shoes. In addition, a separate moisture-wicking compartment is provided so that wet clothing can be hung up separately when it is rainy.

Space efficient

The locker bag system can be installed in the changing room or next to it. Up to 50% of space can be saved by choosing the locker bag system instead of a classic room with lockers/metal cabinets.

Benefits LCT-Textilligence Locker bag:

  • Space saving, up to 50% less surface area required
  • In new buildings, the concept can be perfectly integrated into the changing room
  • Safe, theft-proof
  • Quick distribution
  • Hygienic
  • Organised

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