How to register your garment stock without wasting time

Does your organisation use one single programme to manage all garments in circulation and stocks? Unfortunately, this is not always the case. Often, the numbers are tracked manually, which compromises the accuracy and is time consuming. Moreover, employees sometimes use their own registration method or do not adjust the numbers in their spreadsheets because of a high workload. The big question then is: how can I automatically register all my garments that are in circulation and in stock within my organisation 24/7?

By providing each garment with a washable RFID chip, you can identify each item as a unique garment. This allows you to know right away how many different garments you have within the organisation, which are in circulation and which, if any, are at the laundry service. This is the first step towards control.

Register all your garments in circulation 24/7

With an automated distribution system, your stock will no longer be complete on a rack, but in this system. This allows an employee to grab registered garments 24/7. Garments that are not in the system are also linked to your warehouse thanks to the washable RFID chip, so this stock is also automatically logged. As a result, you therefore not only control the total stock, but also control the usage of each employee.

Stock management and distribution of garments

If a particular size or item needs to be restocked, you will always be aware of this thanks to the management software. It is also registered if an employee requests another size because his or her size was not available. As a result, you will be aware of all temporary shortages.

Preventing shortages of workwear

Each issued garment is linked to an employee, so you can see exactly which clean garment your employee picks every day. When your employee’s work shift is over, the garment should be handed in to a collection machine so that it can go towards the laundry service. This allows you to adapt your daily stock to the behaviour of your employees and prevent not only losses but also shortages of sizes and/or garments.

Reports use of workwear

Thanks to the reports that are automatically created by our software, you can see your stock and each employee’s usage on a daily, weekly or even monthly basis. This way, you always have up-to-date information without having to waste time.

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