Ikazia Hospital commissions second garments distribution system

On 22 June 2020, Ikazia Hospital in Rotterdam has commissioned its second LCT garments distribution system. We trust that the second system brings Ikazia as much joy as the first one!

The growing number of employees and subsequent increase in garments stock was the reason for the expansion to a second system. Since the current garments distribution system was already running at full capacity, expansion within this LCT-Textilligence system was not possible. The decision was therefore to construct an entirely new system in close proximity of the current one.

The new garments distribution system is connected to the existing software and database and functions as an additional unit. In terms of logistics, this unit offers the possibility to divide specific user groups so that every group has a set location from which to collect the garments. Suchlike division has a positive effect on the speed of garments distribution for all groups.

Division of users

With the second garments distribution system in operation, the results are directly visible, says Martijn van den Brom, Head of Logistics at the Ikazia Hospital. “Both garments distribution systems run smoothly and can quickly issue garments to our employees.”

Even though the project was initiated before the corona crisis, the additional unit is already proving its worth. Dividing the users over multiple systems makes the 1.5 meter rule a lot easier to enforce. And there is more good news…

‘Covid update’ garments distribution implemented

The new garments distribution system at the Ikazia hospital is the first to implement the ‘Covid update’, or the hands-free distribution as Ikazia calls it. Ikazia is the first customer at LCT-Textilligence to purchase the ‘corona-proof’ system by deploying a hands-free  system for ordering garments. Once the personal card is offered to the system, it automatically issues the same garments as the previous request (employees often order the same set of garments). After signing in, a timer starts running and when the time has elapsed (after 5 seconds) without touching the screen, the system issues the previously requested garments set automatically. Only if an employee wishes to order a different set of garments, physical touch is necessary.

After a positive trial period and positive reactions from Ikazia, this Covid update is ready to be implemented at other customers. Enquire about the possibilities for your organisation!


Not a customer yet, but do you want to know more about our (Covid-proof) garments distribution? We are here to inform you about the possibilities. LCT has a customised solution for every organisation in every sector. Our website also provides the necessary information on our LCT systems.