Garments distribution takes up too much space

A system for controlled distribution and collection of garments is a space-efficient solution. Throughout the years, your inventory increases. This is mostly due to purchasing items for the sake of user comfort or to comply with the latest guidelines of the Working Conditions Agency or government. What starts off with a few small garments lockers can quickly become a huge unorganised mess of garments on shelves or in wardrobes without any control mechanism for what is actually needed. In such a situation, the space required for garments distribution can increase significantly.

Aligning supply and demand

The LCT-Textilligence distribution systems are compact and space efficient. The main reason for this is the perfect alignment of supply and demand. The required storage capacity is comprised of the necessary amount of garments between two laundry service stock supplies, and a small emergency stock. Based on the amount of potential users and the necessary sizes per item, the system can proactively calculate the relevant demand and the amount of garments ought to be ordered.

Based on historic data

Based on the historic demand for garments, the current storage capacity is efficiently designed. This ensures that the system does not get clotted with garments that are never used.
The benefit of efficient use of garments is that the size of the inventory can be aligned with the demand. This leads to a smaller inventory. consequently leading to a more efficient use of the available space.

Price per square metre

In some of the more contemporary buildings, the price per square metre can be around €1000. A garments distribution system that can save 30 square metres, could therefore lead to a €30,000 cost reduction. This leads to increased usability and an optimal service to the end user.

The solution

LCT-Textilligence manufactures several types of distribution systems. Each solution has its own specific benefits. The common denominator in virtually all systems is space efficiency. LCT-Textilligence is your partner in identifying the best solution for you with respect to saving space and logistic and handling costs. LCT-Textilligence offers an opportunity to be more efficient in all three aspects.

For more information on space-efficient garments distribution systems, or a solution for your current inventory design, please contact us. Our account managers are here for you and can draft a non-binding offer.