LCT and Textilligence join forces in garments management and UHF RFID solutions

LCT, specialist in garments management, distribution and wardrobe systems and Textilligence, specialised in UHF RFID solutions for textile management, have merged to become a new company named LCT-Textilligence. The board of directors is comprised of Marjolein Plandsoen and David Tiegelaar.

David Tiegelaar: “Thanks to the merger, the expertise from both companies raises the knowledge base and experience to unprecedented heights. With this we can guarantee optimal service provision. The focus remains unchanged, we can offer our customers even more possibilities”.

LCT-Textilligence for the distribution and management of garments

At LCT-Textilligence, the key words are insight and control when it comes to garments management, automated garments distribution and collection on customers premises. Solutions for issuing hanging or folded garments on several RFID platforms remains the benchmark. The Walk’n Closet™ solution from Textilligence is added to the broad range of distribution systems by LCT. This ensures a fitting solution for every organisation.  

LCT-Textilligence for UHF RFID innovations

LCT-Textilligence is specialised in developing and implementing turn-key UHF RFID solutions for industrial laundry services and its customers.  This way, optimal control over the available stock and the garments in circulation at the laundry service is secured.

Marjolein Plandsoen: “Many clients are reaping the benefits of the unique track & trace features. Thanks to the comprehensive insight in the actual logistical process, substantial savings can be realised. In fact, this way we can provide service to more clients with the same input. This secures a cost-efficient management of textile. The UHF RFID ‘walk-through’ portals and tunnels can scan hundreds of items in a matter of seconds”.

International growth ambition with Clover4

The current sales channels of LCT are expanded with Clover4, enabling additional opportunities in markets that LCT was not previously active in. Clover4 operates on a global scale and focuses on laundry services that aim for a streamlined and seamless integration of business processes and (client) systems in one combined platform.

Clover4 has four focus areas; ERP software for laundry services through ABS Laundry Business Solutions, Production Management software (MES) via Gotli-Labs, Garments Distribution and UHF RFID products via LCT-Textilligence.