Learn all about the imminent revolution in sustainable clothing management introduced by the Ecodesign Directive for Sustainable Products!

All garment buyers should be aware of this groundbreaking regulation, which sets sustainability requirements for textile products. Even a ban on the destruction of clothing is considered. The final voting still has to take place, but we can already say that this regulation will bring about a powerful shift in the garment industry.

By implementing this Directive, Brussels hopes to enforce a change. Research show that 6% of all clothing in the Netherlands is never sold. Partially, these clothes end up in an incinerator or shredder.

Laws are also introduced to encourage manufacturers to make products that last longer and/or are easier to repair. And if that isn’t possible, it should be easier to recycle them. On top of that, laws are introduced to reduce the use of raw materials, energy and water during production.

Overall, this Directive will have a lot of impact.

LCT is standing by to support customers with smart garment distribution systems, helping you to navigate through this environmentally conscious change. Providing a broad spectrum of management information so that garments can be purchased “just in time” and deployed “just in time”, telling you where they are at all times.

The entire supply chain and life cycle of your garments can be made transparent, in collaboration with your garments manufacturer and the laundry service.
Even Digital Product Passport (DPP) conformity, which will be introduced in the near future, can be realised by automating the entire logistical process between the above-mentioned parties in the chain.

A brief summary of the advantages of the LCT garment distribution systems

LCT’s automated garment and linen distribution systems offer valuable management information and several other benefits:

  • Prevention of loss and destruction;
  • Reducing the garment pool and annual operating costs;
  • Increasing the quality of internal services;
  • The option to create SLAs with external service providers;
  • Optimally managing wardrobes / linen stock.

Contact us today for more information. Check our website for an overview of everything that LCT has to offer. By working together, we can create a sustainable future for the garment industry!