Monitoring garment usage within your organisation

Many companies store their garments on a random rack, somewhere in the building. Employees can pick up garments themselves or an employee hands them over. As a result, companies often don’t have a clear overview of all their garments, leading to situations where employees can’t always obtain the right garments. This can lead to unclear situations, major shortages and even loss of garments.

Many companies ask themselves: “How can I prevent these situations from happening”?

Step 1: Insight into stock management

The first step towards control is to know your stock and keeping it up-to-date, automatically and in real time, using a simple management programme and the automatic garments distribution system from LCT. This gives you an overview of the types of garments in circulation and makes it clear which garments each employee is allowed to take.

By providing each garment with a washable RFID chip, each item is identifiable as a unique garment. This allows you to know right away how many different garments you have within your organisation, which are in circulation and which, if any, are at the laundry service.

By dividing up employees into different garment profiles, you ensure that each employee is provided with the right garments only.

Step 2: Garments in circulation

From now on, your stock will no longer be stored on a rack, but in an automated garments distribution system. This allows an employee to take garments in a controlled and registered way 24/7. So the distribution system does not only check the available stock, but also the usage patterns of each employee. This ensures that employees are provided with the right garments.

Consequently, unnecessary garment usage can now be prevented on the spot.

Once the employee has finished their shift, the garments should be returned so that they can be cleaned. The returned garments will be delivered back to you, cleaned by the laundry service. This process is also monitored by our system and management programme, allowing you to manage employees’ garment usage behaviour and the currently available amount of clean garments. You can also check how many garments an employee has taken and handed back in over the course of an entire year, for example. This allows you to monitor the correct behaviour of your employees. Unlimited and unnecessary access to garments becomes a thing of the past.

Step 3: Stock

The garment distribution system also serves as a well-organized warehouse, allowing you to monitor at all times how many garments are still in stock and which type of garment needs to be replenished. Having to personally count and search for garments to make an inventory is no longer necessary. Now that you know the garment behaviour of your employees, you now know exactly when to replenish your stock.

Reports about usage

Through reports automatically created by our software, you know exactly where each garment is located and if all employees are provided with clean garments every day.

In just three simple steps, you will gain full insight into all garments within your organisation, ensuring that employees are always provided with the right garments only.

For more information, please contact us. You can also consult our website for information about the possibilities.