Intercepting damaged garments

Uniforms do not have the eternal life. The garments are subject to wear and tear, exposed to different substances and materials or damages (whether intentionally or not). In any case the garment item needs to be picked out and most likely replaced.

The responsibility of replacing damaged or worn out garments often lies with the linen service or service provider. Quality controls take place at different stages during the process. The damaged garment item is removed from the pool by the service provider. Despite the multiple quality controls it is virtually impossible to detect and remove each and every worn out garment item.

Users often cover damages

Damages to garments are often most easily detected once the user puts them on. Therefore, users have a good insight of which garments are damaged. Users typically do not wear damaged garments, but rather return them immediately to collect another set. This is the perfect opportunity to detect the damaged garments.

Send notification

For this reason, LCT has developed its garments distribution systems such that users can make a notification at the return unit if there is something wrong with the garments. This way the laundry service does not have to be notified in person and it saves times in picking out the damaged garments there. The service provider is automatically notified by the system. Managing damaged garments like this engages the users in maintaining a representative garments stock in a very easy and approachable way.

In addition to these smart solutions, automated distribution of garments with LCT systems offers more benefits:

  • Cost efficiency
  • 24/7 availability
  • Transparency: insight in garments use and reporting tool
  • Space efficiency
  • Hygiene
  • User friendly

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