Optimise your garments with an automated system

Many companies still keep their garments on a shelf where employees can take their own garments, or where a permanent employee gives them the garments. This can result in a lack of understanding of the company’s garment consumption, resulting in ambiguities, large shortages and garment losses. How can you improve this situation and gain more control over your garments?

Step 1: Create insight into your stock management

The first step to control is to disclose your stock and employees and update them in real time through a simple management programme and automatic garment distribution systems. This gives you an overview of the types of garments in circulation and which each employee is allowed to take.

By providing each garment with a washable RFID chip, you identify each item as a unique garment. This allows you to know right away how many different garments you have within your organisation, which are in circulation and which, if any, are at the laundry service. In doing this, you take the first step towards control and transparency.

Step 2: Garments in circulation

From now on, your stock will no longer be on a rack, but will be in an automated garments distribution system. This allows an employee to grab garments in a controlled and registered way 24/7. Distribution systems not only monitor available stock, but also the usage of each employee. Unnecessary garment use by your employees can now be controlled and prevented immediately.

Once the employee has finished his/her shift, he/she should hand in the garments so that they can be washed. The returned garments will be delivered to you clean by the laundry service. This process is also recorded by our systems and management programme, allowing you to manage employees’ garment behaviour and the new stock of washed garments. You can now see, for example, how many garments an employee has grabbed and handed in over the last year.

Step 3: Stock

The garment distribution systems also act as a registered warehouse, where you can see at any time how many garments are still in stock or need to be replenished. Having to personally count and search for garments to create an inventory is now no longer necessary. Since you know the garment behaviour of your employees, you now know exactly when to replenish your stock.

Report usage By using reports automatically generated by our software, you will know exactly where each garment is located and whether all employees are provided with clean garments on a daily basis.

In just three simple steps, you will gain full insight into all garment usage within your organisation.

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