Prevent non-compliance with garment regulations

Garment regulations exist to ensure a professional appearance. However, some employees don’t always adhere to them. To address this, our garment vending machines have a built-in credit system. This prevents hoarding behaviour and ensures that garments are not stored in other places than the designated location.

The benefits of adhering to garment regulations

  1. Professional appearance:
    By following garment regulations, employees ensure a professional appearance, positively influencing customers and business partners.
  2. Team spirit:
    Everyone wearing the same garments creates a sense of unity and team spirit within the company.
  3. Efficiency:
    With clear garment regulations, employees can easily choose their garments in the morning, saving valuable time.

The credit system: an effective tool against hoarding behaviour

The credit system gives employees a specific number of credits that they can use to acquire garments.

How does it work?

Each employee receives a number of credits that they can use to take garments from the garment vending machine, in accordance with regulations.

Advantages of the credit system

The credit system ensures that employees are conscious about their garments and prevents excessive hoarding behaviour. After all, you cannot take new garments from the vending machine if you haven’t handed in your used garments first.


  • Adhering to garment regulations offers benefits. It creates a professional appearance, promotes a team spirit and increases efficiency within the company.
  • The credit system as a preventive tool: The credit system prevents hoarding behaviour and ensures that employees use garments consciously.

Would you like to receive more information about garments management?

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