Moving forward together: does everyone stick to the dress code?

When we talk about garments used in the healthcare sector, this also includes the necessary hygiene rules and guidelines. Each healthcare laundry demonstrably complies with the requirements within the regulations issued by RIVM, so you can be sure that it meets all the requirements when it reaches your facilities. Within your facilities, you are responsible for this. 

Each hospital therefore has a manual or code of conduct on the use of clothing with the necessary rules on wearing, returning and washing garments. 

But how is the process made transparent?

The laundry of course provides overviews of the delivered and washed items. However, this does not yet give an insight into how your employees deal with the garments package and the regulations. It is therefore important to have good and transparent garments management within your own organisation. 

When using a garments distribution system, the information where each garment is located can also be retrieved at any time in the logistic process! 

Within our Clover4 software platform it is possible to generate reports. The installed software includes the Chiptex Management programme. In it, information about carriers and garments can be filtered, sorted and exported. When garments are issued by means of an automated garments distribution system, management, storage and issue are also covered.

Of the 15 different standard statements, the following are important in this matter.

Garments at carrier X period

In order to avoid hoarding behaviour and having to put infinitely many garments into circulation, this question is regularly asked. After all, it sometimes happens that garments are left unused in cupboards or hanging on a coat rack. But it is also useful to have this question answered in order to determine the lead time and deployment of new garments.

Our report “garments at carrier X period” can be used for this purpose. This report shows the garments that have been issued and not returned since the number of days entered.

Garments in System X period

Display of all items that have been loaded into the issuing machine over a period of time without being issued to carriers. When creating the report, you are asked how many days the garments must be in the system at least.

Distributed garments per wearer

This report shows in detail the use of an individual carrier in a specified time frame. The carrier number can be entered for this purpose. This document can be used as a display for questions and comments from users.

The above solution provides you with (part of) the answer to the question; Are the dress codes being observed? Or rather; “what is the disclosing behaviour of my employees?”. This can also be made transparent per job group!

Read more about this?

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