Saving costs by optimising the garments management

Garments distribution and management is often a labour-intensive process. Many organisations are therefore looking for ways to simplify or optimise this process, often in collaboration with the supplier. There is a particularly high demand for smart, cost-efficient solutions for garments management.

Internal and external tasks

The process of garments management includes several components such as garments distribution, collection, logistics, laundry and handling. In today’s economy, with its emphasis on core activities, also garments distribution is increasingly outsourced.

Garments distribution and collection is traditionally handled within the confines of the company, for instance through a manned desk or automated through a garments distribution system. The benefit of a suchlike system is the speed, ease and 24/7 availability of garments with minimum man-hours.

The current trend also dictates that the remaining aspects of the process are increasingly falling in the hands of the supplier. In the total ‘laundry contract’, suppliers naturally charge per service. Besides the laundry and the logistics that come with it, handling is an important aspect in a contract of this nature. This includes tasks such as sorting and folding of garments. When using a garments distribution system, it is very well possible that (a part of) these tasks become redundant and can therefore offer another opportunity to save labour costs.

No more sorting (and folding up)

LCT-Textilligence has designed several garments distribution systems that can be loaded without sorting them first. The garments collected are placed in the closest available space. This leads to a ‘chaotic’ distribution of items and sizes in the system. The benefit of this is that the distribution time can be decreased significantly, which means that dispensing garments can be done much faster. By sorting garments this way, there is always an item in every size at hand and the system always dispenses the closest item in reach.

On the other hand, this leads to a cost reduction, since there is no longer a need for sorting garments after delivery by the laundry service. This is even a cost-efficient solution when the laundry service is outsourced, because this is usually also the most time-consuming task for them. Depending on the type of distribution system you choose, you can even dismiss the costs of folding up. Besides several systems for folded garments, LCT-Textilligence also has the Chiptex-Liner; a distribution system with a carousel, designed for the distribution of hanging garments.

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