Clean for dirty principle for your garments 

Automated garment distribution systems take care of the logistical process of garments in many organisations. Such an automated system has many advantages. A number of important advantages are that the system; 

  • makes a valuable contribution to hygiene;
  • prevents dormant stocks;
  • provides insight into and control information on the quality of your garments package.

In addition to these – perhaps well-known – advantages, there are also great logistical advantages.

Reports and statistics

The issuing and collection systems generate precious information. For many customers, the process of issuing and collecting garments is a black box where decisions are made based on user complaints and a form of “Management by walking around”. The fact that, when using an automated system, a registration of an individual garment takes place at strategic moments in the process, provides opportunities for many beautiful reports. Think of:

  • missing information 
  • current stock and dormant stocks
  • age and quality of the garments package
  • vandalism and misuse

Based on such reports, adjustments can be made. A report is therefore powerful, but in most cases reactive. The report is generated on the basis of a command from a user. The user must then make decisions and carry out actions.

Logistics control information

LCT-Textilligence’s distribution systems can also proactively provide process information to a laundry. At a large laundry in France, this process has been active for years. 

This customer has a total of 23 distribution systems and many more collection systems. The system calculates the optimum load for each system on the basis of the historical information and the available storage capacity. 

The Chiptex software platform then automatically generates a daily comparison between the optimal load and the current load. This actually creates a ‘shopping list’ for the laundry. The laundry can thus replenish all articles exactly to the norm. As a customer, you will always have the right stock, and your laundry will benefit from logistical advantages because when deliveries are made, there is never too much or too little transport.

At our customer’s premises, this information is even automatically provided to the laundry’s sorting unit on a daily basis. This unit sorts out the desired garments, after which they are transported by truck to the customer and the right distribution unit. 

Simple process

Automated garment distribution thus makes a process plannable and transparent. We will be happy to help you set up this process. The more automation is possible, the better we like it and the more satisfied you are. We have many examples of such win-win situations and would be happy to tell you about them. 

Want to know more about this?

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