Frequently Asked Questions

On these pages you find FAQ to the our work wear distribution systems

What is a work wear distribution system or Automatic Garment Distribution system ?

This system is a solution which will store and distribute in a managed way, clean workwear in a hanging or folded state. It is best compared with a cash dispenser but then for workwear. LCT-Textilligence does not laundry, we do not own or rent garments we make the system which will provide the garment to the end user. The system prevents the user to keep too much items in possession at the same time and increase the effectiveness of the garments. This will reduce lots of investments in garments, costs for logistics and floor space.

Can we use any kind of garments in the systems?

In general all garments foreseen of a RFID tag can be used in our systems. Accessoiries like aprons, ties and scarfs are not suitable for a KUA. In the CHIPTEX-Liner everthing what stays on a clothes hanger, can be used. With thick clothing the system can be adjusted to the needed size and also for folded clothing several cell sizes are available.

Is the KUA only suitable for clothing?

The CHIPTEX-Liner (hanging system) is only suited for clothes. Other systems are not only suitable for clothes but also for other items like clogs. Next to that we have systems for the storage of Personal Protective Equipment like gloves, helmets, mouth masks etc. These are provided with a chip.

Should garments always be offered in a hanging position?

For the system of hanging clothes, the CHIPTEX-Liner, the garments need to be offered on a hanger. For smaller industries or smaller groups of users (for instance the surgery department) several other systems are available. These require the garments to be offered folded.