Are your employees in line for a long time, waiting for clean garments?

Garments are personal protective equipment. In many countries, the law requires for employers to issue protective equipment to its personnel. For a small organisation, issuing garments is often a side issue, garments are purchased and distributed among the employees. Cleaning the garments often happens home or maybe in a small washing machine at the workplace. 

As the organisation grows, or the garments get increasingly dirty and it becomes an expense in the budget. Laundry is done in a professional washing machine or by an external laundry service. Many organisations choose to issue garments via a warehouse. This warehouse is opened at certain hours, for the distribution of tools, materials and personal protective equipment, with the warehouse personnel ensuring regular use of the garments.

Rush hour at such counters is inevitable. Employees need to start their route or be at the workplace in time and are consequently waiting in line for clean garments. Other colleagues require parts or tools and are waiting in the same line. After collecting garments, they need to change, before getting to work. 

An automated garments distribution system for the wardrobe is a smart solution. Employees can change directly and collect clean garments if so desired. The logistics flow of the garments no longer interferes with the over-the-counter distribution. A garments distribution system is available 24/7 and sometimes also able to issue other Personal Protective Equipment. In the Management software of the Garments Distribution System, you can track the use of the garments per employee or per department.

As an employer, you do not have to fear uncontrollable costs increases, because the various credit systems prevent excessive exchange of garments. You can keep track of the garments use and see which employees do not change garments regularly. The investment costs of a distribution system are favourable. A system is written off in five to ten years. Renting or leasing a system is also possible. 

Benefits of the LCT-Textilligence systems

In addition to increased cost efficiency, automated distribution of garments with LCT-Textilligence systems offers more benefits:

  • 24/7 availability
  • Transparency: insight in garments use and reporting tool
  • Space efficiency
  • Hygiene
  • User friendly

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