A sufficient amount of garments without unnecessary overflow? It is possible

Many companies that use garments have large overflows. This is often deemed necessary to guarantee enough garments of every type, but in fact also means that a large portion of the garments remain unused. However, garments are often expensive and excess stock puts unnecessary negative pressure on the budget.

It is therefore important to align the garment stock with the user pool as accurately as possible. However, fluctuations in the workforce, transfers between departments and other changes make the demand for garments highly volatile and dynamic. At the same time, companies often work with a predetermined garment set. This can easily create a wedge between the demand and supply of garments, causing some items (or sizes) to be excessively available and others to become scarce.

Laundry services increasingly respond to this by offering a flexible garment set. Garments are increasingly being leased, where the total amount of garments leased out in a certain period is charged to the company. Each period you can indicate which items you want to lease and in what quantity. But how do you keep track of the use, so you can quickly respond to changes in demand?

LCT-Textilligence garments distribution systems collect data

Collecting data is essential to get a good insight in the use of garments. Knowing precisely which garments are needed and in what quantities allows you to make a good projection for the upcoming period.

The LCT-Textilligence garments distribution systems register all user data and file it in a broad range of reports such as total use per item, an overview of the shortages and stock size recommendations for the upcoming period. You can run these reports at any moment, thereby always providing you with an overview of the most recent data. This way, you always have the optimal stock size, no shortages or unnecessary overflow and can save costs effectively.

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