Convenience, certainty and cost savings fully aligned

Much can be improved in the area of workwear management: you can save your organisation a lot of inconvenience and costs by implementing a modern system. That system is the CHIPTEX-Liner. The CHIPTEX-Liner has enabled LCT-Textilligence to boost its reputation in recent years with many organisations in various sectors across Europe.

This well-conceived garment distribution system makes it possible to issue and collect workwear. The way in which this happens can be totally customised to your preference and possibilities. However your CHIPTEX-Liner is configured, the system ensures that your employees always have easy access to the right workwear, 24 hours a day, 7 days a week.

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LCT-Textilligence offers many opportunities and options in both hardware and software. The CHIPTEX-Liner systems are tailormade for you. The system is so flexible that we can adjust it to the dimensions of the space you make available to us. The software is amended to the preferences and requirements of your workwear policy. With more than 30 years of experience and over 1,000 delivered units, many organisations have preceded yours. A tried and tested cost-saving concept!

Cost savings through insight

The CHIPTEX-Liner offers you and your employees boundless opportunities. You can save costs by radically diminishing the number of garments in circulation, and you never lose a garment again. The CHIPTEX-Liner works with a credit system, so that users are never in possession of more workwear than authorised. The system can tell you exactly where every garment can be found: in the CHIPTEX-Liner, with the user or at the laundry, accurate to the second! Moreover, you can choose yourself how you wish to organise workwear distribution. For example, you can choose to distribute garments by name or by size. Should you choose for the latter, then you can suffice with even fewer workwear items.


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User convenience

Each employee with a personal pass can retrieve the right garments from the system pass via a user-friendly touchscreen. Quickly and easily, 24 hours per day and 7 days a week. The dirty garments are collected by the system and immediately deposited in the washing container. The accompanying software ensures solid process analysis so that employees are always able to access the workwear they require.

Quick and clever loading

It is easy to load the CHIPTEX-Liner quickly; automatic loading is the default, although it can also be done manually. The garments can be delivered unsorted and unfolded so that your textile launderers’ folding and sorting costs no longer burden the budget. Clever options are delivered for large systems to distribute the garments efficiently throughout the system. The workwear is hung on the load rod and the process from then on is automatic. Garments that do not belong to the process are not loaded but immediately hung separately. In the meantime, should a user wish to pick up workwear, the system switches over to distribution before immediately reverting to automatic load.

CHIPTEX-Liner kledinguitgifte systeem

Management information

Correct information is indispensable to efficient and responsible management. The CHIPTEX-Liner also ensures that is the case; at any and every moment, you have insight into the location of every garment and the number of garments of which the employee is currently in possession. Shortages that have arisen unintentionally, daily use, current load; the system makes the entire process transparent and manageable. The system can be connected to the information system of a laundry service, for example, or your HR department.

CHIPTEX product family

The CHIPTEX-Liner runs on CHIPTEX software. It is therefore possible to link to other LCT-Textilligence CHIPTEX solutions and work from one software package.

CHIPTEX-Liner kledinguitgifte systeem
CHIPTEX-Liner kledinguitgifte systeem