Space-efficient wardrobe system

The CHIPTEX-Lockerbag system is the functional solution for saving space in the wardrobe area. An employee’s personal items are safe and sound in the locker bag system, verifi ed for and protected against theft on a compact floor surface and in a locked area. This system can reduce required floor surface by more than 50 per cent when compared to conventional metal wardrobe closets.

Your employees are allocated their own ‘cloakroom’ in your wardrobe within the CHIPTEX-Lockerbag system. Personal items such as clogs or shoes can be easily stored in the personalised garment bag. Temporary garment bags for one-time use can be distributed to agency workers or part-timers.

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The garment bag in the CHIPTEX-Lockerbag system has been specially developed for the storage of personal garments and other property. These garment bags have been developed together with various clients so that they are in line with user convenience and those of every organisation. A separate compartment for shoes, equipped with zips and specially lockable compartments. The garment bags also contains a moisture removal feature for rainy days. The Lockerbag comes in two different designs. Customisation is an option in the case of larger orders.

Easy to use

The system for offering and distributing the garment bag is fully automated. Your employees’ personal items are always stored in a controlled manner – and that is a fact. Users log into the system to access a personal garment bag. They then change into workwear in a thoughtfully-designed dressing room. Once they have got changed, the locker bag is offered back to the system, where it is stored safely.

CHIPTEX-Lockerbag garderobesysteem


Another advantage: the CHIPTEX-Lockerbag system turns your wardrobe into a changing area that is not only visually appealing but also well suited to the interior of the building and the organisation. And storage? That becomes invisible in the CHIPTEX-Lockerbag system.

Oversight and insight

The CHIPTEX-Lockerbag information system provides insight into individual employee use of the system and of the garment bag. This double system efficiency results in the controlled use of the system by your full-time and part-time employees. Even if they only come into work once a week. Garment bags no longer in use can be allocated to other employees. Temporary garment bags are suitable for incidental use. Should you have other ideas related to the Lockerbag system, a wide variety of options is on offer. Consider the customised locker bag, a combination of garment registration or simply a wardrobe system for storage of coats of visitors to your site or organisation. Please contact us for more information.

CHIPTEX product family

The CHIPTEX-Lockerbag runs on CHIPTEX software. It is therefore possible to link to other LCT-Textilligence CHIPTEX solutions and work from one software package.

CHIPTEX-Lockerbag garderobesysteem
CHIPTEX-Lockerbag garderobesysteem