The foundation for all our customised solutions

Insight and manageability are key when it comes to the administration, distribution and collection of garments, automated wardrobes or the distribution of personal protective equipment (PPEs). The CHIPTEX software platform is the foundation for all our customised solutions.


The CHIPTEX platform gives a practical insight in the daily use of the individual users or multiple users collectively and of the overall use per system. The versatile software offers many functionalities to guarantee perfect alignment of supply and demand within your organisation. Unused stock, shortages or optimal wardrobe use are presented in a comprehensible way.



The CHIPTEX platform does not only offer a substantive insight, but also allows you to manage processes. Your current garment or PPE policy can be integrated in the CHIPTEX platform. This way you are in control over the processes and you will be able to manage workwear logistics, both operationally and strategically from one software platform developed by LCT.

Third-party communication

The CHIPTEX platform can exchange data with other software packages such as a laundry service data system, HR software or some type of middleware used in your organisation. Standard connections are available for many different software packages.

The CHIPTEX software platform offers the possibility of:

  • prevention of loss and damaging of garments
  • minimising the garment stock and lowering the annual operating costs
  • detecting trends in terms of usage and/or shortages of workwear per item or per system
  • improving the quality of your internal service level
  • aligning SLAs with external service providers
  • managing your wardrobes
  • improving safety in the workplace by supplying the right PPEs
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