Maximum performance, minimum space

The CHIPTEX-Sizer is a space-efficient solution for the controlled distribution of folded garments. A carefree solution for fully transparent workwear management. The CHIPTEX-Sizer saves time and garments and the system can be sorted very flexibly and loaded quickly. Therefore suitable for any situation.

The CHIPTEX-Sizer ensures water-tight management over your garments. Only users that have returned used laundry are supplied with a clean set. The user orders new garments on the user-friendly touchscreen interface and within seconds the garments are provided by the system.

Various models

The CHIPTEX-Sizer is available in various models. The models range from systems with 6 to 12 doors and are all adjustable in height. This way, up to 1,000 garments can be stored in a mere 4 m2. Depending on the type of garment, the height of the compartments is adjustable. For instance, industrial workwear is naturally thicker and takes up more space and so a different compartment size is required compared to garments used in the food sector or hospitals.

Dust-free storage

One of the many benefits of the CHIPTEX-Sizer is that garments, sets and other items are stored in a sealed, dust-free space. From a hygiene perspective, also garments that are individually sealed can be stored here.

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User friendly

The system is supplied with a user-friendly touchscreen. The user selects their garments by using the pictographs. The screen can be set to different languages if your organisation so requires. The system also offers the possibility to use personalised garments, in case uniforms are specifi c to positions in the organisation. Additionally, the system can distribute a huge variety of items and sizes. This makes the system unique in its kind.

Optimal management

The CHIPTEX-Sizer works with a credit system, so users can never possess more workwear than permitted. This way you can minimise the number of garments in circulation and prevent loss of workwear and other items. The CHIPTEX-Sizer provides clear management information and can be linked to the data system of a laundry service or your own HRM department.

CHIPTEX product

family The CHIPTEX-Sizer runs on CHIPTEX software. It is therefore possible to connect to other LCT-Textilligence CHIPTEX solutions and work from one software package.

CHIPTEX offers insight in the garments use and offers the tools to manage users and the workwear stock.

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CHIPTEX-Sizer kledinguitgifte systeem