LCT-Textilligence mostly works with textile cleaners and laundries. Systems of LCT-Textilligence often are bought and let or offered in lease to a customer organization. LCT-Textilligence is completely independant and not affiliated with any textile cleaner. We do aim for the principle of an optimal win-win situation when a customer, a textile cleaner and LCT-Textilligence together work on an implementation project. The term Tri-partial”approach” was used once in 1994 by Nedlin Borgh from Rotterdam. With the customer (user), supplier (LCT) and logistic/cleaner/financier (textile cleaner) together the best result can be achieved by partnership and transparant communication. Despite – but due to as well- the fact that the interests of all parties are different, there is one common goal.

Girl Laundry worker rolls a cart with clean stuff at the dry cleaners

LCT-Textilligence also has a lot of activities on the inside of the laundry

LCT-Textilligence had an extended knowledge of RFID technics within garment distribution systems. This knowledge is also used for optimalization processes within the laundry. Issues with RFID registration, strategic and architectural thinking but also service and repair of RFID hardware belongs to the possibilties of LCT.

LCT-Textilligence is distributor for several brands of RFID equipment and chiplabels.  Thanks to the scale in which we by, our prices are competitive and our products are often available from stock. The brands LCT-Textilligence has an intensive cooperation with, are:

  • AEG (Trovan) (LF)
  • Datamars (LF,HF en UHF)
  • Motorola (LF)
  • Nordic (UHF)
  • Scemtec (LF, HF en UHF)
  • Smarttrac (HF)
  • Tagsys (HF en UHF)

LCT-Textilligence originally is from the laundry-area as a sister-company of  Landuwasco from Vlaardingen. At this moment there is no relationship with Landuwasco anymore besides a friendly one.