Transparent garment management in 3 steps

Many companies have all available garments on a shelf somewhere for employees to pick up or for a desk clerk to hand out. As a result, companies often no longer have an overview of all their garment consumption. This not only causes uncertainties, but also major shortages and loss of garments. The question that arises for these companies is, “how do I gain control and transparency in my garment management?”

Step 1: Insight into your stock management

The first step towards control is to know your stock and have it updated automatically in real time by a simple management programme and automatic garments distribution systems from LCT.

By providing each garment with a washable RFID chip, you identify each item as a unique garment. This makes it immediately clear how many garments there are in the organisation, how many are in circulation and which are in the laundry, if any. The first step towards control and transparency has thus been taken. 

Step 2: Garments in circulation 

From now on, the stock will no longer be on a shelf, but will be in an automated garments distribution system. This means that every employee can pick up their garments in a controlled and registered manner 24/7, and is no longer bound to fixed hours for the distribution of garments. The distribution systems therefore not only check the available stock, but also the usage of each employee. 

The unnecessary use of garments by your employees can now be controlled and prevented immediately, and unauthorised use is even ruled out. 

Once the employee has finished his/her shift, the garments should be returned so that they can be washed. The returned garments will be delivered back to you again clean by the laundry. This process is also registered by our systems and management programme, allowing you to manage the garment behaviour of the employees and the new stock of washed garments.

Step 3: Stock

The garment distribution systems also serve as a registered warehouse from which you can see at any time how many garments are still in stock or need to be replenished. Having to personally count and search for garments to make an inventory is no longer necessary now. 

Reports usage

Through reports automatically created by our software, you know exactly where each garment is located and if all employees are provided with clean garments each day. 

In just three simple steps, you gain complete transparency and control in your garments management.

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