Limit the loss and destruction of workwear with RFID chip technology

The use of workwear is becoming increasingly common in various sectors, such as the care, hospitality and food sectors, among others. Often, it is the employer who buys or rents the garments and then makes them available to her employees. The employee is expected not only to wear the garments while at work, but also to handle them with care. In many instances, this proceeds very smoothly. Unfortunately, however, there are also plenty of examples where this does not go according to plan, and the loss and destruction of workwear is the order of the day. Users tend to handle the garments with less care or use them for other purposes only to fail to return them.

RFID technology

Not only is the loss and destruction of workwear a highly undesirable expense for the employer, it is also often not accounted for in the budget. And it is difficult to ascertain afterwards where the garment has gone or who has destroyed it, unless the items are individually tracked. Thanks to RFID technology, this is now highly possible. Each garment is equipped with an RFID chip that is scanned at different times during the process. When an employee is issued a garment, the chip is linked to this person. When that item is subsequently returned, this is also registered. As such, where (or with whom) the garment is located is continuously monitored.  

Known garment history

LCT-Textilligence provides various systems that employ RFID technology. The accompanying software package ensures the registration of all usage data and, with the ample reporting opportunities, the entire workwear process becomes both more controllable and transparent. With RFID tracking technology, it is immediately clear, in the event of loss, which user ‘owns’ the garment. 

In addition, the entire history of each garment is documented so that, in the event of destruction, where the item has been can also be tracked. For example, the previous user is known (users who report a damaged garment are not usually the party responsible), and this person be called to account for this. Fortunately, this does not happen often in practice. The knowledge alone that such data can be viewed often leads directly to more careful handling of the workwear.

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