Stocktaking is time consuming, control over your garments

In companies that use garments or uniforms, the process of sorting and managing garments is very time consuming.

The following questions will therefore sound familiar;

  • Are there enough garments in circulation?
  • Are there enough sizes available of each type of garment?
  • Why do I have to buy so many new garments at the end of the year?
  • How is it possible that so many garments disappear?

You will often not have an answer to these questions, simply because you have no insight in the process and there is no traceability.

Do you want a to have insight in the garments process?

The LCT-Textilligence garments distribution systems offer users 24/7 availability of garments, as well as insight in the entire process.

The report gives a clear overview of the amount and the type of garments available, so you can assess whether this is sufficient. Since garments are fitted with a RFID chip, each item is registered in a database. Our systems scan the chip at different times in the process, including upon loading the system, during distribution, but also during collection. This way, each item is traceable at any time.

Workwear management

With a clear overview of the process of garments distribution, the system can advise about the total amount of garments necessary and the ratio of garments per employee. You can immediately see whether you have an insufficient or excessive amount of garments in circulation. In addition to information on garments, you can examine many other statistics about the functionality of the system or about the users.

The right garments available for employees

The system also offers advice on the amount and the type of garments required in the system. You now have full inventory control, which means you need less garments. A lower garment use, which offers an opportunity to reduce workwear expenses. The systems are available for distribution 24/7.

For more information about the possibilities of our management system, please contact us. Our website also provides the necessary information on our LCT-Textilligence systems.