What does garment management have in common with current recommended hygiene regulations?

A closed garment management system delivers hanging garments from the laundry service directly to the garments distribution system or delivers folded items to a garments distribution slot machine. Clearly, this has everything to do with present hygiene regulations!

Maintaining workplace hygiene is key to the health of both employees and customers. Sadly, the outbreak of the COVID-19 virus painfully underlines that hygiene measures are of the utmost importance. A hygienic working process, whether it involves offering services or producing goods, starts with the personal hygiene of employees. For many businesses, garments are an important element to maintain this. 

To guarantee a safe distribution of garments to your employees, the following links in the workwear management chain have been aligned:

Hygienic distribution of garments

Hygienic distribution of garments is an ongoing process. Laundry services have been adjusted in such a way that the industrial cleaning process of garments and linen packages meet the latest RIVM (Dutch National Institute for Public Health and the Environment) guidelines. Soap suppliers have joined these efforts to combat the spread of the coronavirus by adapting their products as well.

Even after cleaning, risk factors should be limited as much as possible. The method of distributing garments to users is especially important in this regard. Storing garments in an open space or storage room that is accessible to multiple people is not uncommon. Thankfully, due to stricter regulations for hygienic working conditions this topic has received more attention. 

The most effective way to maintain good hygiene is to prevent people other than the eventual wearer from getting in physical contact with the garments. The cycle is completed when the garments are safely delivered to the garments distribution system within your organisation without any risk of infection. This ensures that each employee will receive their garments set in a reliable manner.

The LCT-Textilligence closed garments distribution systems contribute immensely to good hygiene. Irrespective of the person responsible for storage (authorised personnel), only the end user gets in physical contact with the garments. 

Types of garments distribution

LCT-Textilligence produces various garments distribution systems for controlled distribution and collection of both hanging and folded garments. In any case, the garments are stored in an isolated space or compartment in the system. The garments distribution system (GDS) issues garments to users around the clock, every day of the week. Once the user orders the garments, they are distributed without any physical human intervention. Essentially, this means that the physical contact between the garments and the end user is minimised.

In addition to all the hygienic benefits, these systems are very space efficient. Especially our closet models for folded garments are effective in storing garments on only a few square metres. The option to install plug-and-play is often available.

In addition, a garments distribution system has the benefit of keeping records on which particular items have been taken out of circulation for an extended period of time or used by a single employee. This way, you can monitor whether all garments are collected for cleaning in time.

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