What to do when every second counts?

What you certainly don’t want to think about is the safety and availability of your garments. Automated inventory control, garments distribution and personal protective equipment for essential professions such as police, fire brigade and professions in the nursing and healthcare sector are a hot topic at the moment..

Good emergency preparation entails being ready for anything, with little room for error!

Providing garments with an RFID chip enables optimal track and trace possibilities. This keeps the materials in top condition and ensures that they are always available at the right place!

To be ready to go requires preparation …

Every second counts in an emergency situation. Once the sirens sound, all aid workers must react immediately and leave as soon as possible. To be able to do so requires careful preparation, including good maintenance and inventory management of the necessary materials, garments and personal protective equipment such as firefighter suits, protective suits or masks. To ensure that the suits and equipment are stored in the right place and can be put into action quickly also requires careful supply chain management.

How to tackle this:

  • Track and trace is one of the options! By providing your garments and materials with an RFID chip. Everything that is fitted with a chip can easily be traced from producer to internal inventory and from distribution to collection.
  • Depending on how far you want to take it, garments can be traced; From the distribution point, number of items per user, one-for-one ratio between collection and distribution, number of laundry cycles before a water column check is necessary or requires a new protective layer. But also when you want to grant access only to mandatory protective items.
  • When time is of the essence, garments and PPE can be checked in and out automatically for emergency services once it passes through an open door.

“Collecting data on inventory, distribution, collection and laundry cycles of garments and equipment gives insight in the lifespan, inventory and inventory management.”

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