Did you know that (UHF) RFID can be used in many more items than just garments?

Did you know that (UHF) RFID can be used in many more items than just garments?

It is common that (work) garments and duvets in the healthcare sector are fitted with an RFID chip to track distributions and returns to the laundry, as well as the number of washes to determine replacement prognoses.

Less often you see this technique being used to put clogs on an OR, Personal Protective Equipment such as safety goggles, shoes or the like.

Industry, the Food Sector, Fire Brigades and Ambulance Services Safety Regions, the Hotel sector and Wellness can also benefit greatly from RFID applications.

How can this be organised? 

  • Determine which items such as garments or (Personal) Protective Equipment are needed per job group;
  • Determine how these will be issued (which distribution solution fits best);
  • Issued at a central location in the building, or decentralised per department.

You name it, there are ways of keeping track of stock, issues and whereabouts of items. But also;

  • Whenever replenishment of the product range is required;
  • When replacement should take place based on X number of washings, 
  • When re-impregnation is required (after X number of distributions),
  • Items that are not returned after a certain period of time, etc.
  • Which items are in the possession of an employee and need to be replaced.

Additional advantages with regard to ecological footprint

  • Zero waste. Stock on the basis of forecasts so that it can be kept to a minimum;
  • Just in time everything is available for distribution;
  • Distribution at a fixed location = cheaper, more environmentally friendly, eliminates unnecessary transport costs and delivery to home addresses
  • Credits are used to keep track of garments, PPE shoes, safety goggles, helmets, etc. and to determine issue/replacement on a daily, weekly, monthly or annual basis.

By using our Chiptex Software platform, and distribution systems, we can easily set up a space (Walk-in Closet) where various garments and materials can be distributed at the same time. But also expand with a system where personal garments can be easily stored in 50% less floor space than when using a locker system.

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