Walk’n Closet

Automatic UHF RFID registration

LCT-Textilligence has developed the Walk'n Closet as the latest solution for the registered distribution of garments (and other items). In contrast to existing garment distribution systems, the Walk'n Closet concerns an open system. In this open space, the user can choose their desired items. Upon departure, the system registers which items have been taken by the user. As the name suggests, it concerns a self-service store for your garments or workwear instead of an automated system.

How does the Walk ́n Closet work?

The basic element of the Walk ‘n Closet is the UHF RFID tag, which is applied to each unique garment. All information from the tagged item will be read automatically by the antennas in the Walk’n Closet.

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Employees will be allowed access to the Walk’n Closet by scanning their access badge. Subsequently, a big screen will indicate every employee who has garments assigned to them. Upon exiting, a UHF antenna in the Walk ́n Closet automatically registers who took exactly which garment.

Entering and exiting the Walk’n Closet with the right garments takes approximately thirty seconds. In addition, several employees can be present in the Walk ́n Closet at the same time. This results in an issuance of three garments to 25 employees in three minutes.

Different concepts for the Walk ́n Closet

Depending on your needs and preferences concerning the organization around the Walk ́n Closet, you can choose the concept that fits your organization best.

  • Attended concept: The reliable and accessible solution whereby a staff member always will be present to direct the garment dispensing. The personal contact and service granted is a great advantage. The initial investment is very low, but due to the presence of a staff member the operating costs in turn can be relatively high. A24/7 scenario often does not apply but when a personal attendant servicing you and your employees is important, this would be the perfect solution.
  • Trust concept: The ideal solution if you are looking for a way to control the number of garments from the Walk’n Closet. The system tracks whether all garments end up with right person or not. The main reasons why companies opt for this system are the limited set-up, configuration and operational costs.
  • Secure concept: The ultimate concept when you are looking for a fully automated and reliable garment dispensing system where all picked garments are securely scanned to the appropriate wearer. There is 100% control through the implementation of gates
    that only grant passage if both the wearer and related items are considered correct by the system.

In the Walk ‘n Closet concept we bring the wearer to the garments instead of the other way around. The Walk’n Closet helps you to dispense and manage garments at minimum cost.

Automatische kledingregistratie via UHF RFID