UHF Reader sets

Individually or by individual

Employees of industrial laundries often see the work literally flying over their heads. Linen is transported by conveyor belts from one department to another and this makes it an ideal position for tracking. This set up requires a custom designed solution.

Textilligence has designed a scanner solution which reads the tags in the soiled items while they are being transported towards the washing machine, tunnel or sorting area. This scanner can be used as an additional reading station during the production process.  There are many advantages in having more than one scanner doing a task, reducing the potential for missed reads to a minimum and you can never have too much information (as long as the software manages the data overload).  This is often used as an alternative to the soiled linen portal scanner in pool stock laundries.  Since we know to whom the linen went out to, soiled counts can automatically be generated for the account and orders created without human intervention

The key to success of this type of scanning is the configuration of the antennas. Fortunately, you can always count on the expertise of the Textilligence engineers.

UHF RFID reader sets LCT-Textilligence


Getting it right before it goes out reduces rework and customer complaints.  The Textilligence stack-check-scanner is designed to read all tags in a stack of linen after it has been folded and bundled. This beautiful piece of engineering enables you to verify whether all items have been bundled correctly, proactively correcting errors before the customer experiences them.

Clear view on the bag

The rail system storage bags in an industrial laundry are usually blue or white, but never transparent. Therefore, it is impossible to control the content of the bag from the outside. The rail system knows what group of items are in the bag but not the individual products.  To look through the bag, our linen bag scanners are just the trick – they scan a full laundry bag in just seconds.

Individually or by individual

If you link individual items to a wearer or customer, you can see their movement around the business. For this task an assign station is used. In these cases, scanning has to be achieved in a totally different way as only one or a few items are read at a short distance. This usually happens in the stockroom of a laundry. This requires a specific configuration to prevent unwanted items from being scanned.

wasserij UHF RFID registratie antennes