Automated garments distribution, there for your convenience

The following scenario occurs all the time and it leads to great frustration among employees. You want to collect your garments from a wardrobe or rack, but you can’t find the right size or the garments are all over the place and on the ground. Various colleagues are looking for their garments at the same time, causing people to stand far too close to each other (with the current 1.5 metre society this is particularly undesirable) and the personnel starts off the day in a bad mood. 

Delivering and sorting garments follows a set structure, where each item and each size has its own place. Nevertheless, and this is a thorn in the side of facilities assistants, the order is disturbed and it becomes one big clutter. People search for the garments they were wearing previous week, or the garments are picked up and put down again, leading to an unhygienic situation. Yet, it is still better than an incomprehensible automated system, right? It will take ages for the employees to figure out how to use such a system?

A garments distribution system creates order and simplicity.

Therefore, the answer to the question above is: THE OPPOSITE. A garments distribution system ensures that your garments are distributed in a structured way and everybody receives the right sizes. With their badge, users can collect the desired garments from the system. With simple pictograms, users can easily order the desired garments on the touchscreen. The user can only choose the garments that correspond with their own job function. Never the wrong item, no chaotic situations with garments on the ground or not being able to be issued in an ordered way.

Easily find the right size. Better yet, the system offers the right size automatically, the personal standard sizes are known. Accidentally taking the wrong garments is therefore a thing of the past. Is the user looking for a size bigger or smaller? No problem, the standard size can be easily adjusted.

By offering everybody the right size automatically, there is no need for maintaining a large stock. In short, you need less garments and can track who retrieved what item and where it is located, thanks to the reporting system of the garments distribution system. In addition, based on the reports, you can make accurate calculations to optimise your stock, so you are never left with insufficient or excess stock.

Benefits LCT-Textilligence Locker bag:

  • Cost efficient. You need fewer garments, both size specific and user-specific garments.
  • 100% traceability
  • Safe
  • Quick distribution
  • Hygienic
  • Organised 

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