Slowly we accept this new situation. It almost looks like normal. Apparently human beings adapt to a new situation. We accept this situation and make the best of it!

Lots of our customers are active in healthcare. Others use our systems in the food sector. The past few weeks it became clear that healthcare professionals are working day and night to save lives. At the same time the people in the food sector remain busy to provide the cheese on our sandwich or the Easter chocolate treats we like so much. We can’t compare what LCT-Textilligence does with the hero’s saving lives on the ICU in hospitals but we like to share with you that LCT-Textilligence also does their job during this crisis.

Within our teams the colleagues have their fears about their safety and a possible contamination of themselves or their families. As the owners of the company we find this a difficult choice as well. Still the team is 24/7 available for helping customers in the case maintenance is needed or questions are posted due to changing situations for garment dispensing in these sectors.

Proud are we on our team which looks with a clear view and which remains calm to help customers with their equipment responsible for the level of hygiene in healthcare and food sector. Proud are we on the team which visits our clients and who feel that they enter the belly of the beast but still act professional. Proud are we on the rest of the team who work on manuals, customer communications and the production of the ongoing orders. We try to be ready for the situation we will face when the borders open again. Together we stand strong!

LCT-Textilligence commits itself to the regulations offered by the Dutch government (RIVM).:

  • Colleagues with the flu or having a cold are not welcome and work from their homes.
  • Some colleagues work at home and look after their children getting their home education and try to work simultaneously.
  • We wash our hands until it hurts.
  • We keep distance from other for at least 1,5 Meter. It looks now an than almost like a mating dance but the regulation is strictly followed.

With common sense and some hygienic detergents we struggle ourselves through this crisis. Curious of what we find when this is all over…

We hope you all stay safe and healthy. Call us when you need us. We are there for you!

With warmest regards by the general management of LCT-Textilligence,

Marjolein Plandsoen en David Tiegelaar